Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Time to get started again

Well, a couple of years can make for some big changes! I still haven't really got GTD down; but, I definitely have implemented some of the methodology. Life has changed a whole bunch. Still have a 'day job.' I also have a small side business working on computers, teaching folks how to maintain their own computers, so they don't have to call me so often, and building custom pc's. It's usually a lot of fun, and occasionally a source of income. 
It's 3:00 am, and I have the day job to get up for... so, more later.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

will I ever GET THINGS DONE?

Well, i have decided that it's time for me to start a regular journal. i have to journal in my english class and although that's interesting, i really prefer to choose my own topics. i've been going through my own set of fundamental changes and, hopefully, i'll be able to look back on these blogs and see myself growing and progressing. Later, i'll post some about my previous life, just in case anyone besides myself ever looks at this.

i have been trying to change my own depressed, procrastinating way of life for a couple of years now. i discovered GTD (Getting Things Done) online a couple of years ago...'bout the same time i discovered . i hadn't read a whole lot of self-improvement stuff...The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People was an add-on in my Outlook...way back in the day. i think i was using Windows 3.11. So the GTD way of doing things was a huge revelation to me! i read about it online, downloaded and printed selected planner pages from , After about a year i actually went and got the book Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity
, bought a labeler, a friend gave me a 2 drawer filing cabinet, i got set up with my phone, added the GTD Inbox add-on for gmail...there's even more. Then i started to gather up all my stuff to do the initial processing...and that's where i got stuck. i still have 2 crates of 'stuff' waiting to be processed. My mom would say i'm making a mountain of a molehill...i don't think so. Looks like a small to medium mountain from where i'm sitting.